Leehom Wang gets caught by the fashion police

It was only a month ago when the star got caught crossing a street under a red light, but Leehom-the-outlaw is back at it again. This time around he was caught committing a crime against fashion, as the once-model citizen was spotted wearing a pair of white socks with sandals roaming the streets of Taipei.
Many work places have banned sandals on casual Fridays but it's often disregarded by employees who want to "test the limits".

Leehom stopped by a convenience store to grab a drink with his assistant before heading to the recording studio.

Leehom is busy at work these days as he has a new album out later this month, followed by the release of his directorial debut, Love in Disguise, in August. He didn’t sleep for 48 hours straight at one point, and was probably possessed by sleep demons when he walked out in public with the socks'n'sandals combo. Even his staff members are a little concerned that the over-worked singer has lost quite a bit of weight, but Leehom re-assured everyone that his weight has stayed the same.

It was announced recently that this year’s Golden Horse Awards will introduce a new award for Best New Director. First time directors like Leehom Wang, Arvin Chen of Au revoir Taipei and Hou Chi-Jan of One Day will get to compete for a nomination in the new category. Leehom said the opportunity will drive him to work harder.  He hopes both the audience and judges will enjoy his new movie.

Source: Appledaily

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