Leehom Wang and Crystal Liu exhibit picture-perfect wedding photos

Leehom Wang and Crystal Liu will soon be seen in their new movie Love in Disguise when it arrives in theaters next month. They recently took part in a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan, which left many netziens envious after seeing photos of this fine-looking on-screen couple. In the pictorial, the two stars chased each other by the mountain stream and held hands while strolling along a white hallway. They looked as if they were the prince and princess from a fairytale, or a couple from a soap opera depending on who you ask.

Leehom Wang enlisted the help of Crystal Liu to be the lead actress in his directorial debut. He plays a famous singer in the movie who often disguises his real self when he is around her. Leehom frankly admitted that he has a lot in common with his character, and because of it, he would infuse the role with a lot of his own emotions.

The film combines his musical talent with movie-making, but as a first-time director, Leehom didn't become satisfied with the script until it was edited 53 times. He stressed that he didn’t make the film out on a whim, but it is rather something that he has been planning for a long time. Leehom said the film is a youthful and inspirational comedy.  It embodies the responsibility of a filmmaker and a musician, and he hopes it will bring happiness to the audience.

Love in Disguise hit theaters on August 12th in the mainland and 13th in Taiwan.

Source: Nownews

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