Leehom to chat with fans on Facebook this Friday at 11:30 pm

Mark this down in your calendar: The one and only Leehom Wang will be will be interacting with fans on his official Facebook page on July 23rd at 11:30 pm (11:30 am EST)!! He will introduce the theme song of his movie Love in Disguise, as well as answering questions from everyone.

Leehom is a Facebook user and often shares his life’s happenings with fans. He updates so frequently that some people have even questioned if it was the work of his staff members. As it turns out, Leehom is really the man behind his Facebook and maintains the page himself. 

The first-time director is currently busy promoting his new film, but he said he is thrilled to be able to chat with fans online: “I will try to practice typing in Chinese, to make myself type faster, and avoid not being able to keep with netizens’ tempo!”

Leehom takes matters into his own hands...

Source: Leehom's Facebook, Nownews

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