Leehom teaches Usher how to sing in Chinese

American R&B king Usher recently performed in Beijing's Wukesong Arena with Taiwanese artist Leehom Wang as his esteemed guest. The American singer paid his respects to his Asian hosts by singing Leehom's Mandarin song "The One and Only" with the original singer himself. Furthermore, Usher showed his happiness when he said "Hello, Beijing!" and "I love you!" in Mandarin during his big show. Spectators for Usher's Beijing concert included huge names in the Chinese entertainment world such as Zhang Ziyi and Na Ying, which brought out an audience that came from all walks of life.

Usher made the trip to Taiwan a week earlier and created excitement for his concert there, and he put on another sensational performance for his Beijing concert. Fans continued to be cordial, and he appeared in the flesh with a white outfit fitting for his hip-hop fashion style while he got the atmosphere sizzling with a chair-utilized dance number. And with Leehom Wang as Usher's guest, the both of them not only sang together for Usher's hit track "OMG", but Leehom also gave Usher a crash course in Mandarin and taught Usher to sing his own song "The One and Only" in its original Mandarin.

Using his own experience learning Chinese, Leehom used English homonyms method for Usher to learn Mandarin. For example, in Leehom's song "The One and Only", "我真的愛妳" was "what(我) gender(真的) eye(愛) knee(妳)". The result yielded great results, and Usher kept saying how convenient it was. Prior to the Beijing concert, Leehom got four exclusive interviews from American broadcasting station NBC, American news agency Associated Press, British news agency Reuters, and American weekly magazine Billboard. The interviews consisted of Leehom's creative music ideas and his collaboration with Usher.

Due to the concert being held the same night as the World Cup championship game, the two of them originally planned to check out the game after the end of the concert. Those plans were scrapped for some reason afterwards, but prior to the concert, both artists were still fervently discussing this year's soccer competition. The two decided to side with Paul the Octopus' prediction of Spain winning the championship, and Spain's win caused Leehom to be endlessly excited.

Mainland Chinese artists such as Na Ying, Zhang Ziyi, Anson Hu, and others also flocked to watch Usher's concert. Much like how Ziyi was together with Leehom for the Beijing Olympics torch relay event two years before, Ziyi made a special trip to cheer on Leehom. Leehom also invited Ziyi previously as a premiere guest to his directorial debut "Love in Disguise", to which the mainland actress immediately agreed. Morever, Leehom's upcoming album "Eighteen Types of Martial Arts" (rough translation) has begun pre-orders, and the Taiwanese singer/songerwriter will return to Taiwan to hold pre-order autograph sessions in both Taichung and Kaohsiung.

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Source: Apple Daily, UDN

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