Leehom to be in upcoming 3D "Mulan"?!

The upcoming 3D Hollywood movie, “Mulan”, has been confirmed to start shooting in October in Mainland China and Zhang Ziyi takes the role as both producer and lead actress. The production cost for the movie is estimated to be a hundred million (USD).

There have been many versions of the story and last year, Director Jingle Ma Cho Shing also filmed his version with Vicki Zhao Wei and Aloys Chen Kun as its leads. Zhang Ziyi’s “Mulan” was originally scheduled to begin filming last year, but due to financial issues, it was postponed. The movie is to be financed by Disney and other Mainland investors, and it will be directed by Chuck Russell.

Zhang Ziyi will not only be playing the main lead character, Mulan, she is also the producer. In recent years, she has grown an interest in taking part behind the scenes for movies that she also star in. Since the movie will be shot in 3D, its original production cost rose from eighty million to a hundred million (USD).

Although the male lead has not been decided, recent rumors have surfaced that the role will be played by the American born Chinese Leehom Wang. However, Leehom responded through his manager yesterday, “I have not received an invitation to play the role, but I hope that I will have a chance to work with such an exceptional actress as Zhang Ziyi.”

 Zhang Ziyi is both producer and lead actress for "Mulan".

Source: Appledaily

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