Leehom pockets one million USD to endorse Hyundai

The Music Man is not only busy finishing his upcoming album, but has also been taking up many endorsements. Several days ago, Leehom Wang became the latest spokesperson for Hyundai in Mainland china. He’s reportedly being paid in the same price range as international stars, pocketing one million USD. In the commercial, Leehom rids himself from his usual freestyle socks-and-sandals music man image, and puts on a suit, shirt, and tie as a mature handsome man.

Leehom used to drive a car in the states, but after he returned to Taiwan, he rarely drives because of traffic and because his management company also provides his rides. Interestingly, despite he’s earning tens of millions in endorsements, he is still driving a ten year old used car that he bought for his birthday last year. Although Hyundai provided him with a car, it can only be driven in China.

Leehom sure knows how to make use of his endorsements. His new songs and movie are used to accompany different commercials. For example, “Firewood, Rice, Oil, Salt, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Tea” is used with a cell phone commercial. Thus, his album is already receiving quite a bit of promotion before it is even released. In late September, Leehom will be holding concerts at Macao and Shanghai. As for when he will hold a concert in Taiwan, he said, “It is currently in discussion. Hopefully it will either be end of this year or beginning of next year.”

 Leehom gives thumbs up to his ten year old used car.

The Hyundai commercial

The SE commercial

Source: Appledaily / officialwangleehom & homgirlling's channel

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