Jolin Tsai’s new album comes with 3 preorder gifts

Sold separately of course!

Jolin Tsai’s new album is now officially titled Myself after much controversy surrounding the ones previously announced. It started off with “Vogue” before being changed to “Vogueing”, which was heavily criticized for spelling the word with an extra “e”. Warner Music defended the term and said it derived from “Vogue” + “ing”, as in it’s “happening now”. Regardless of voguing or vogueing, they found out  the word “Vogue” was already registered, so the title was changed (yet again) to avoid possible infringement issues.

Jolin is known for creating hot topics every time she releases a new album, but contrary to the past, her record company has revealed very little information up to this point. They only announced that her first single “Honey Trap (美人計)” will feature a “Voguing” style dance routine, which was choreographed by famous dance instructors Ahn Hyung Suk and Benjamin Ninja.

The album's release date has also been pushed back till August 10th due to manufacturing delays.  It is currently available for preordering in three versions, which comes with a set of headphones, a re-usable shopping bag or a photo album respectively.

More pictures from her photo album:

Source: Libertytimes, Nownews, UDN

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