Jolin Tsai, Show Luo, Huang Xiao Ming, Louis Koo form band in desert

A few days ago, Jolin Tsai put on a low-cut outfit to channel "Monkey King,"  from "Journey to the West", for Pepsi's newest commercial and has been named "Monkey King Mei" (Younger Sister) by netizens. She headed to Dunhang, Gansu with Louis Koo, Show Luo, and Huang Xiao Ming for the shoot. The four not only had to film under the hot sun and endure the desert storms, they were also suspended by wires in order to fly cause them to gasp in exhaustion.

In the commercial, Jolin wears an orange wig and wields the Golden Cudgel becoming a cross-dressing Monkey King acting as master and disciples along with the other three male stars to "fetch scriptures" for Pepsi. The four formed a band in the middle of the desert. Louis Koo become the lead singer, holding a powerful microphone resembling weapon. Huang Xiao Ming held a Southeast Asian style tambourine. And Show Luo was in rock 'n roll style with a golden guitar as his accompaniment.

Despite the heat, the four decided to make the best out of it by joking around, telling stories, and  playing games.

Show loses game. 
Stickers: "Enlightened by stupidity"

Here are two English subbed clip from their filming:

Another without English Subs:

Sources: NOWnews, ooST1NAoo2@youtube, idolisedidolised@youtube

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