Jolin Tsai channels Buzz Lightyear with new image

After a year-long break from the music industry, Jolin Tsai is set to return in August with her album  Vogue, which is a tribute to Madonna. Interestingly, the first promotional photo featuring Jolin in her new image has been getting some rather mixed reviews. One netizen commented that she looks like a spokesperson for the popular anti-fungal cream EcoFu (益可膚), while Lucifer Chu (Chinese translator of Lord of the Rings and other popular works) joked that she is a real-life Buzz Lightyear.
Both Jolin and Buzz are made in Taiwan.


Sam Chen, who is the president of Warner Music Chinese Mandarin, responded back with some strong words. He said, “I support his point of view, but he and I are interpreting different things. His interpretation is based on the beauty of her clothing, as if he is a fashion icon; Jolin does this from her heart, not by appearance. Of course it’s not the same.”

He added, “We think the outfits for this (album) are very special, doesn’t creativity have to be special? Hopefully everyone can prepare themselves, as we utilized a lot of creativity. It’s not about being pretty or ugly. It’s about self-confidence, attitude towards living.” Sam Chen declined to reveal the costs of her clothing and only said they by a local designer.

Source: Chinatimes, popculture4fun, ucpharm

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