Jolin shows Zax Wang and Jason Hsu her Voguing moves

Jolin Tsai appeared on the Entertainment news show, WQYL, to promote her new album, “Myself”. Although there won’t be any gymnastic moves incorporated in her dance this time, Jolin comes back with the new dance style, Voguing. Jolin explained that Voguing mainly consist of arm movements and facial expressions. Hosts Zax Wang and Jason Hsu excitedly asked Jolin to demonstrate. Not to waste this rare chance of having “Teacher” Jolin on the set, Zax decided to try out one of the moves but ended up in great pain...

Left: Jolin showed her great flexibility. / Right: Zax is the man in pain.

Zax noticed that Jolin looked darker than usual and commented, “I see that you specially got a tan for this album.” Jolin laughed in embarrassment, “I didn’t purposely get a tan!” Jolin explained that she went to the Maldives during her vacation and got slightly tanned. But when she came back to Taiwan, she went to Kenting with her friends and ended up getting even more tanned. Jason answered for Jolin, “In actual fact, she wants to get whiter.” Jolin agreed shyly, “I really want to get whiter.” But Zax responded in surprise, “Are you serious?! I think you look great right now.”

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