Jolin and Elva are beauties that come in a box?

Jolin Tsai’s latest music video “Honey Trap” has been a hot topic ever since its release. Not only were viewers left in awe by her incredibly flexible joints, but they also noticed there was something similar to ELVA Hsiao’s “Shining Love” video – Both came in a box!

In “Honey Trap”, Jolin played a dancing robot who was delivered to her owner's home in a box. Her owner didn't seem realize that no assembly was required as he flipped though the assembly guide with his sunglasses on. He thought he could control her with a remote control, but the Jolin-bot has a mind of her own and expressed herself (or “Myself” in her case) by “voguing” after he walked away.

After “Honey Trap” premiered, some netizens pointed out that ELVA was also trapped in a box last year in her “Shining Love” video. She wasn’t a dancing robot but rather a doll by the name of “Barble”. In accordance with the lyrics from her song, “I don’t want my love to be like a knock-off, breaking down suddenly”, Barble’s man was not “Ken” but “Kan” instead.

Their similarity is probably just a coincidence since the concept has been used many times in the past. As Warner Music explained, the Jolin-in-a-box idea came from their Korean director Che Eun Taek, so it’s unlikely that he has seen ELVA’s video before.

There is no word yet on whether Jolin or ELVA will hit store shelves eventually.  In the mean time, let's take a look at other stars that are available for sale in a box:

Leehom Wang aka Music Man (note: 2nd doll from the left comes with 1 nipple)

Jay Chou the MP3 player

Mayday with permanent dark eye circles

And how could we forget "Donnie"...

Source: UDN with images from Libertytimes, Mingpaonews, Moov, Suntwist

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