Joe Chen rushed to emergency room with kidney stones

Taiwanese actress Joe Chen is currently in Beijing with Chinese actor Xiaoming Huang filming for John Woo's upcoming movie "Ji Liang Qing Chun". A couple days ago, the actress unexpectedly developed sudden abdominal pain and voimiting. Her assistants rushed in and called for an ambulance to deliver to the emergency room, where exams revealed a case of kidney stones and had also received seven needle injections. After the incident, Joe said on her microblog, "I finally know what it's like to be put on medical treatment in the middle of the night while in another country."

At the time, Joe had hurt to the point of not being able to work, and also had been continuously vomiting. Staff members had to carry her to an ambulance, and it was initially believed that the actress had suffered gastrointestinal problems. Diagnoses later proved to point to kidney stones, which led to her being poked with needles seven times, including three shots to stop the pain, two injections for intravenous drips, one shot to stop the vomiting, and one shot for a blood test. Joe later received treatment for the removal of the stones and will need to make a return trip in two days for testing.

Her manager said, "Due to her often filming, it is likely that she held back urinating. She also doesn't like to drink water and eat vegetables, and when I spoke about this to her before, she didn't listen to me at all. After the problems it has caused this time, she finally agreed to change."

After returning home from the operation, Joe left the message on her microblog, "After those seven needle injections, both my flesh and my mind were poked."

Source: Apple Daily

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