JJ Lin proves he is not a Ken doll after all

Some of us were utterly disappointed when JJ Lin’s nipple got digitally removed from the first promotional photo for his upcoming World tour. Fortunately, JJ is back in full nipple glory in the latest stills for the concert, which should be enough to prove that he is not a girl’s toy after all!

Despite a more revealing JJ Lin in the new photos, the official poster for his "I AM" tour maintained the nippleless-style much like the one previously released.  It featured the topless singer literally engulfed by “flames”, which were strategically placed over his chest. The "flaming" JJ Lin showed some added manliness with his toned pectoral muscles and six-pack.  When asked if even more skin will be shown at the concert, he said, “This concert will definitely include a breakthrough performance, and won’t leave anyone disappointed.”

JJ Lin’s concert tour reportedly cost over a million dollars to produce.  It will feature 9 stages across 9 cities created by world class production teams, along with music video director Bi Er Jia as the show's overall visual director. JJ Lin’s image will be designed by stylist Thomas, who has worked with many top Asian stars before. He will also be collaborating with Jang Woo Hyuk’s Korean dance crew for the first time.

The singer won’t be spending much time in Taiwan after his tour begins in August. Staff members found out he would be bringing along some free weights and roller slides when they packed up for the concert recently. Since working out the “bod” sits high on JJ Lin’s agenda these days, staff members have been encouraging him to “take it all off” at the concert.

Ken: "Too bad."

Source: Nownews, jjfusion, scene from Toy Story 3 trailer on Youtube

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