JJ Lin kicks off world tour in August with new body

Coming off a critically acclaimed performance at the GMA’s, JJ Lin will embark on a world tour starting on August 21st in Beijing.  Before he wows fans with his musical talent, the singer has already impressed the public by showing off his new and improved body in a promotional photo.  Staff members were shocked when he took his shirt off at the photo shoot, but someone did comment that his chest looked bigger than his head.  Apparently, JJ-the-bodybuilder has been hitting the gym 4 times a week to achieve this "King Kong-Barbie" look.

Appledaily’s popular but poison-tongued columnist pointed out that JJ Lin's nipple is mysteriously missing from the photo.  His record company explained that it was in fact visible since he was only wearing an amour, but the nipple in question was digitally removed because it didn’t look “good”.  They promised that fans will get to see JJ Lin in full nipple glory at the concert tour.

For those who can’t bear the wait to see him live, JJ Lin's Hundred Days Live DVD has been released on July 2nd (July 9th on Yesasia). It contains footage from the JJ Party Concert, as well as a book of piano sheet music for 18 songs composed by the singer-songwriter.

"Ken" is also a famous male celeb known for being nipple-less.

Source: Appledaily, Nownews, scene from Toy Story 3 trailer on Youtube

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