Jay Chou wants to be remembered for being "cool"

Jay Chou seems to be in a great mood these days in contrast to the bad luck-Jay who was troubled by D-list female stars, as well as box office and TV ratings woes just a few months ago. Not only he made headlines with the epic Double-J reunion, his latest album and the trailer of his first Hollywood movie have also been getting excellent response. 
On the left: Jay Chou in Beijing.
On the right: Jay Chou visits "Jay Chou" (Jiu Kong) on the set of Big Party.

Sony Music held a press conference earlier this week to announce that his album, The Era, has sold over 1 million copies since its release, making it the best selling Chinese album in the first half of 2010. Jay Chou was in Beijing to celebrate the great news and also premiered the latest music video off his album, “自導自演 (Self Directed and Acted)”. He said, “(I) can’t dance as well as other people, so (my) car has to be cooler than the others.”

As for sales figures in Taiwan, JVR Music announced that the album has sold 120,000 copies in just one month, and stressed they achieved this without any repackaged version. Jay Chou was asked if they are suggesting Show Luo’s 150,000 copies of Rashomon was done by releasing multiple repackaged versions. He said, “After all, Show Luo has debuted for a longer period of time than I did. He works very hard. If (the numbers) are real, I’m very happy.”

He added, “The two of us actually went out together yesterday. He was in Beijing to film a commercial. We happened to stay at the same hotel.” Show Luo’s manager responded, “The record industry is under great difficulty, placement is not the most important anymore, it is rather the effort of the two (singers) in trying to present something good to the audience.” Although Jay Chou’s “Honest Campaign” (of not buying charts and not reporting faux figures) hasn’t had much success, he said, “I don’t mind that it’s not effective, as long as people remember that I started it, it’s very cool.”

President Chou also caught the attention of many with the trailer of his upcoming movie, The Green Hornet. Some netizens commented that he stole the show, while others said his English was better than expected. He said, “After finishing this movie, my dream of 10 years is complete. If (I) can be a bit arrogant, I hope in future I can leave the word “” at the Hollywood (Walk of Fame)!”

When asked how he would translate “屌” in English, he paused for a moment and said, “It’s about the same as ‘Cool’.” Jay Chou will be travelling overseas to promote the movie later this year. If it does well in the box office, he hopes to make a sequel.

In related news, Appledaily published a very “屌” composite photo of Double J’s baby a few days ago. Jay Chou was shown the picture, to which he laughed, “How can this be so funny, it’s pretty fun indeed.”

Baby-J is a rocker!

It's hard not to laugh at this alien baby.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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