Jay Chou expresses interest in hosting his own show

The multi-talented Jay Chou is successful in just about anything he does, but would he make a good talk show host? It's hard to say at this point, but President Chou is apparently interested in expanding his career into hosting.
At the opening a new clothing store, Jay Chou frankly admitted, “What kind of new challenge do (I) want? That would be hosting! Because being a host is the only thing in showbiz that I haven’t tried yet. I think it’d be fun. There's just one idea in mind, which is to support (my) friends as the focus. Like getting a few guys from Nan Quan Mama, let (my) friends try it out, and guest host for 2 to 3 episodes.”

The star was asked if he is serious about becoming a host., to which he responded, “It depends on which network has the courage. Of course I’m willing to (start a show)!” He revealed that he has in fact been in discussions with two networks already, but declined to name them.

President Chou said he hopes to do a show that combines elements of dancing, such as inviting celebrities as instructors. On whether he would invite his “good friend” Jolin Tsai, he said, “(We) won’t unite anymore. After the big sensation created from last time, it should be put to an end.”

Since Jay Chou is a man of few words, if he really gets his own show, which style should he go for? Let us make some suggestions:

WAJCBBT 我愛周董棒棒堂 (replaces the ailing WAHSBBT)
Jay Chou takes on the role of Blackie with "students" played by JVR artistes dressed in high school uniforms.

Variety President 綜藝董事長 (replaces Variety Big Brother)
President Chou presents a weekly dose of random talent acts and "witness a miracle” with Lu Chen.

100%  Jay Chou 周董百分百 (replaces 100% Entertainment on days when it goes live)
Jay Chou provides insightful commentary on showbiz news and invites artistes from his own company to shamelessly promote themselves.

Jay Chou Life Show 周杰倫 Life Show (replaces Shen Chun Hua Life Show)
Oprah-Jay makes his guests cry by staring at them in silence.

Jay Chou the Manly Chef 周董大主厨 (replaces Manly Chefs)
Chef Chou cooks up delicious meals in the microwave in less than 5 minutes.  He replaces A Ji Shi (阿基師) as Taiwan’s favorite TV chef.

So Jay Chou Thinks You Can Dance 周董認為你會跳 (replaces the failed Let’s Dance)
Jay Chou brings dancing back to television as the best dancers compete for a chance to sign with JVR Music. Later episodes will turn into Dancing with the Stars of JVR, in which contestants are paired up with artistes from his company. Jay Chou will also be the only judge so he gets to vote off whoever he wants.

Source: Nownew, RTI, UDN

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