Japanese actress Keiko Kitagawa promoting new movie in Taiwan

Popular Japanese actress Keiko Kitagawa, known for her roles in Japanese dramas such as Buzzer Beat and Mop Girl, is currently in Taiwan to attend this year’s 12th annual Taipei Film Festival. The film festival, which caters more to local films and works from aspiring directors compared to the more internationally-renowned Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, is being attended by the Japanese actress in order to promote her latest movie Matataki (Blink) outside her native Japan.

During her Taiwan trip to promote her new movie, Keiko spent her time outside of the film festivities to take in the sights of the local culture. On her blog, Keiko wrote about watching authentic tai chi practices and dining on Taiwanese-style fried rice meal. The Japanese actress commented about loving her stay in Taiwan and the local people she has encountered, and hoped that movie-goers will enjoy her new movie when it premieres in Taiwan as she continues to promote the film during the month-long film festival.

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