Jackie Chan imparts Hollywood wisdom to Jay Chou, tells him not to worry

Despite Jackie Chan's new movie "The Karate Kid" having already grossed US$150 million and currently ranked as the sixth highest-grossing movie in the United States so far this year, the movie has experienced very little interest from movie-goers in both Hong Kong and Taiwan and is facing the likelihood of being released direct-to-DVD there. While Jackie was not willing to discuss the topic much while promoting the movie in Mexico several days ago, the international superstar talked about Taiwanese entertainer Jay Chou breaking into Hollywood and said, "He's still young. You don't worry, and know to let nature take its course."

The now 56-year old Jackie Chan made his Hollywood debut by acting alongside famous American actors Farrah Fawcett and Burt Reynolds in the failed 1981 comedy flick "The Cannonball Run". Strings of movie disappointments that followed his initial Hollywood entry discouraged the Hong Kong-based actor, but with the release of the Hollywood movie "Rush Hour" in 1998, Jackie instantly become a household name.

Appearing in person recently in Cancun, Mexico to promote his new movie, Jackie was asked if he had any wisdom to impart for recent Hollywood entrant Jay Chou, to which he replied, "He's still young. You don't worry. I was worried before, and I've run into snags in Hollywood. It was Hollywood that came to me now, not the other way around. Therefore, Jay Chou developed well in Asia, and Hollywood came looking for him. If the movie sells well, will you still be afraid of no one looking for you?"

The plot of the movie is largely seen in East Asia as belittling ethnic Chinese people, with many movie-goers in Chinese-speaking countries being resentful to Jackie's new movie. In response, Jackie said, "That's strange. Why isn't it humiliating if an ethnic Chinese person is the final victor? Then if American, British and Japanese people are beaten, is that considered humiliating to the British, to the Americans, or to the Japanese?"

In addition, Jackie used to say controversial comments such as, "We Chinese need to take care of each other (*)", which negatively affected ticket sales of his movies in Taiwan, and has recently been more watchful of what he publicly says. Currently, Singapore is the only part of Asia showing this summer's "The Karate Kid" in movie theaters. Since the movie has not premiered in either Taiwan or Hong Kong, Jackie responded, "It's not showing in Taiwan? How could that be?" Whether it was because of his past politically-charged remarks, the veteran Hong Kong entertainer responded, "I'm not sure."

(*) Translator's note: The word 'Chinese' can be translated into the Chinese Mandarin language as either 中國人, which refers to citizens of China and not Taiwan; or as 華人, which refers to the ethnic Chinese majority of China and Taiwan. Jackie Chan used 中國人 instead of 華人 in the quote, which angered many people in Taiwan.

Translation: Pauli @ CpopAccess.com
Source: Apple Daily, NOWnews

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