Is that really Huang Xiao Ming?

If you’re like me then you probably could’t recognize this exceptionally good-looking actor from yesterday’s Appledaily, or at least not without reading the title (carefully for the 2nd time). Huang Xiao Ming and his rumored-girlfriend Angelababy are no strangers to accusations of going under the knife. Regardless of whether their faces are man-made, old pictures of celebrities always brighten up any dull article into an interesting one.

And how could we forget Baby:

Onto the dull article:

Barbie Hsu recently blogged that her Summer’s Desire costar Huang Xiao Ming is a somewhat concerned over his character’s popularity. Although he and Peter Ho are both competing for Barbie Hsu in the drama, viewers seem to like Peter Ho’s character better than his. But as Huang Xiao Ming revealed, he was given the choice to play either Ou Chen (Peter Ho) or Luo Xi, and went with the latter based on Barbie Hsu's recommendation.

Summer’s Desire is Huang Xiao Ming’s first idol drama but it might also be his last. He said, "In the beginning, there was another big-budget movie production that offered me a role, but I chose Summer's Desire, because it could be my one and only idol drama." Summer’s Desire was already a best-seller in the mainland before being adapted for TV. Fans of the novel from both sides of the shores were often divided into the “Ou Chen team” and “Luo Xi team”.

Producer Peter Ho originally offered both roles to Huang Xiao Ming and said he respects the actor’s decision. Huang Xiao Ming explained, “I chose Luo Xi mainly because Da S wished that I would. She felt Luo Xi is more suitable for me. In addition to that, I think if I played Luo Xi, it would be better for Peter Ho, who is also the producer.” He kept in contact with author Ming Xiao Xi to ensure Lou Xi could be interpreted the way it was intended by the novel.

Source: Appledaily,

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