Idol drama dialogues: The lamer the better

Their pretty faces come and go. Their hair is often regrettable. But their mushy dialogues never go out of style! Ah….the reason why we love idol dramas. Here is a closer look at these unforgettable yet cringe-inducing words of love from UDN.

Mothers always tell their girls not to fall for sweet talk from men. But in the world of idol dramas, when men confess their love, their choice of words are as mushy as one can get.
Summer's Desire 

Hailed as a modern day Chiung Yao-drama (Top-selling romance novelist who penned Princess Pearl), GTV’s Summer’s Desire unleashes endless lines of mushy dialogues with no hesitation.  Lead actors Peter Ho and Huang Xiao Ming behave as if they are suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, but it is really all for their love of Barbie Hsu (Da S).

In the drama, Peter Ho said to Da S, “You will only be mine from now on”, “Wear the green lace that I gave you, you can only let your hair down when you are in front of me.” Not to be outdone, Huang Xiao Ming said to her, “Wishing to put you in my pocket and take you away, remember to think of me, don’t turn off your cell phone, don’t leave me not being able to find you!

The traditional “I love you” would have drawn tears from female protagonists in the past. However, it’s not so simple nowadays, as male characters are expected to show their literacy flair. Like Huang Xiao Ming's character said of Da S, “I know I can’t kiss her like that. She is like poison. Knowing clearly that she is lethal, I still can’t let her go. Even if (I) die, (I) want to die kissing her.


And that wasn’t all, he looked at her and said, “Missing out on a late night snack is nothing. What's important is that I can’t go on another day without seeing you. (Holding Da S in his arms) Give me 10 seconds! Add 5 more!

Over at TTV/SETTV, the P.S. Man himself also found it much easier to win his woman's heart with sweet talk rather than his coolness. He said, “I want to open the love that has long been sealed within me. I will use the span of my life, to show her my heart” or “Love is a gift from Satan, after opening it, your life will never be able to recover.

P. S. Man

Is the audience convinced by these “words from the heart”? A big "Yes" by the looks of the Summer's Desire live chat.  Whenever a male lead recites his lines of love, netizens immediately react with messages like “so touching”, “so handsome”. Meanwhile, fans of P.S. Man would always raise the white flag and rally around the couple whenever their guy makes a confession.

Comments like “All girls want to be loved” and “sometimes imagining this secretly” can truly explain the power behind these lovingly melodramatic dialogues.  Then again, when a male protagonist directs his confession, not to the female protagonist, but rather to the those watching in front of the TV, it's no wonder why every girl has the right to dream.

Source: UDN, Webweaver

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