"Hi My Sweetheart" a runaway hit in mainland China

Taiwanese idol drama "Hi My Sweetheart", starring Show Luo as the dork-turned-playboy son of a wealthy family and Rainie Yang as the classmate punk that is the love interest of Show's character, is currently one of the hottest idol dramas on online streaming broadcast with mainland Chinese viewers. The show is also receiving a huge following with young people, whom adore the premise and the actors of the idol drama.

Mainland Chinese viewership from the hugely popular online streaming broadcast network PPStream has totalled 21 million viewered for Show and Rainie's 2009 idol drama, a number that was tallied between the days of July 1st and July 14th.

A relevant spokesperson for the PPStream network contacted the media to express, "'Hi My Sweetheart' has attracted a lot of attention from netizens, and during the summer break, the story of this kind of drama has made a deep impact in the interests of 16- and 17-year old young people. Based on the demographics from 15- to 40-year olds, many young people like to watch idol dramas."

The representative for PPStream continued, "Even though 'Hi My Sweetheart' is an idol drama, it is not brainless or romantically mushy, but is about a story about the romantic self-maturity of a boy and girl."

Source: The Liberty Times

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