Harlem Yu celebrates 18th birthday with a concert

Harlem Yu celebrated the 80th anniversary of his 18th birthday, ok it was more like the 31st anniversary, with a concert at Legacy Taipei last Friday. The multi-talented and now single entertainer proved his music is ageless with a selection of songs from the 70s and 80s.

He looked like he had the energy of an 18 year-old while performing “Sad Singer (傷心歌手)”, “I know I’ve grown up (我知道我已經長大)”, “The Love (I) Missed (錯過的愛)”, “Weekend Party (週末派)” and the first ever Mandarin rap song “Report to Squad Leader (報告班長)”.

In addition to his Mando-hits, Harlem also performed English songs from the same era such as “Heaven”, “One Way Ticket”, “Last Train”, “Shake Your Booty” and "Loving U". Unfortunately he wasn’t able to dance because of a recently injury from playing basketball.  Nevertheless, the 49 year-old wowed the crowd with his voice and even showed off his whistle register as a bonus. Going with the show’s retro theme, Harlem dressed in a white suit with classic bell-bottoms and minimal armpit hair.

Special guest Dee Hsu performed “Cry in My Arms” with Harlem but went off tune twice in her last line. He mocked her saying, “I’ll really cry after you finished singing.” Dee Hsu joked that she planned to watch a movie with her husband later that night, “Since the family life is very important, ai-ya, you wouldn’t feel hurt after hearing this, would you?” She gave Harlem a hug after he was presented with a birthday cake, but he declined when she offered him a kiss…

Source: Libertytimes

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