Harlem Yu and Selina confirmed as new hosts for Guess x3

Harlem Yu and Selina closed the deal with the production team last week, confirming that they will be hosting CTV’s variety “Guess Guess Guess.”

Besides this new combo, the show will also be adding a music and short skit segment in order to add some freshness. Harlem and Selina met in the first meeting just several days ago. The two soon-to-be hosts had a friendly interaction. Selina said to Harlem, “I’ve been listening to your songs since I was little. I was so happy to hear that I would be hosting with you! Furthermore, my mom and dad know a lot of great girls, if you, Harlem Ge, have any need (a date), we can help set you up!” Harlem responded jokingly, “I’m already at this age. I don’t need others to help introduce me to other women. But as for your wedding on the other hand, I can be your witness.”

The show added a “殘酷30秒” (merciless 30 seconds) music segment under Harlem’s request. Former “Guess” substitute host Selina insisted on adding a short skit segment and said, “As long as the script is okay, I can play a guy, be ugly, or humorous. I’m fine with that!”

Source: UDN

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