Han Geng to visit Taiwan this August, Jay Chou cheers him on

Mainland Chinese solo artist Han Geng was in Beijing this past weekend holding his "Geng's Heart" concert for two days, and will next head to Taiwan on August 15th to hold his first event there at National Taipei University's Recreation Center. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow on July 20th starting at 2:09 PM, because Han Geng's birthday is on February 9th (2/9).

Besides singing his new songs, he also sang Taiwanese singer Jay Chou's "Starry Mood". Jay himself personally appeared in a video message sent to Han Geng in order to wish him luck and encouragement, saying: "Han Geng is a very warm person. I hope his new album is a hit." As it turned out, when Jay Chou was in South Korea several years earlier to promote his film "Secret", that was when he first met Han Geng. This time, Han Geng will be in Taiwan to hold an event, and in addition to singing, he will also have an opportunity to closely interact with his loyal fans by holding a meet-and-greet with them.

Han Geng's Beijing 2010 concert - Opening Number:

Han Geng's Beijing 2010 concert - Because of Dreams:

Han Geng's Beijing 2010 concert - Love Letter to a Stranger:

Han Geng's Beijing 2010 concert - Wings of Love:

Source: UDN
Video Source: GengBaoChannel

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