Han Geng, Leehom Wang fans rallying for idols' inclusion in Usher's concert

On July 11th, American R&B superstar Usher will make his debut in China at Beijing's Wukesong Arena. With two weeks left until his debut concert, the final list of guest performers have yet been decided, so concert organizers expressed that they will be hearing feedback from music fans in order to help narrow down the list of idol candidates alongside those on Usher's invitee wish list. As a result, fans voiced their non-stop support for veteran superstar idols Jay Chou, Leehom Wang, and David Tao, as well as youthful pop sensation Han Geng. Moreover, of the Mandopop singers mentioned, fans of Taiwanese-American singer/songwriter Leehom and mainland China's returning K-pop star Han Geng have been the most vocal in their support for their respective pop idols.

Chinese fans of Han Geng have been especially passionate in their support for the former Super Junior-M leader, since they would like to help the rookie soloist establish an international foothold in his post-Super Junior music career. In just one day, concert organizers had already received over 2,000 phone calls from Han Geng fans pushing their support for his inclusion on the list of guest performers. Furthermore, Usher is highly expected to discretely meet with Han Geng's agent while in Seoul for another one of his concert stops on July 3rd. Concert organizers are actively working with Han Geng's schedule to get him to participate as a guest performer for Usher's concert, but Han Geng's preparations for his own concert in Beijing a week later on July 17-18th is proving to be the biggest schedule roadblock.

Leehom, who is the other favorite concert guest performer candidate, not only had over ten thousand online fans bombard Usher's official web page to voice their own support for Leehom's inclusion as a guest performer, but went even further by supporting the idea of both Leehom and Usher sharing the same stage together during Usher's Beijing stop. It has already been a year since Leehom held a performance in Bejing, and his Beijing-based fans who left messages expressed, "Not only do we hope that he will be able to perform the best musical collaboration with Usher in his concert, but we hope even more that Beijing will be Leehom's first stop for a 2010 concert tour."

Concert organizers further added that candidate guest performers will be determined based on their popularity and their international experience. Based on those two criteria, Han Geng and Leehom currently satisfy those requirements. Han Geng's popularity spans the regions of South Korea, mainland China, and Southeast Asia, areas which cover Usher's Asian concert tour stops. While his popularity does not extend as far as Han Geng's, Leehom has historically been a more critically-acclaimed entertainer due to his musical talents. However, it is reported that Leehom would need to reach out to concert organizers with additional fan support in order to ensure a spot as a guest entertainer for Usher's Beijing stop. Furthermore, Leehom would also need to attract the attention of the American R&B artist himself, whom had not listed Leehom on his original invitees list for guest performers.

Translation: Pauli @ CpopAccess.com
Source: ent.ynet.com

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