[Updated with full MV] F.T. Island's Lee Hong Ki sings in Chinese

The Korean drama, “You’re Beautiful” will soon air in Taiwan on ETTV. Lee Hong Ki, who is part of the cast, is also the lead vocal of F.T. Island. Thus, Lee Hong Ki decides to re-sing the drama's theme song, “Still (As Ever)” in Chinese, with lyrics by Amber Kuo.

Amber got the inspiration to write the Chinese lyrics for the song after watching the drama portraying the unrequited love story. The Chinese version of the song is titled, “牽著妳的手” (Holding Your Hand). Lee Hong Ki comments, “It’s my first time singing in Chinese. It’s so hard.”  Morever, Hongki was making noise about how difficult it was to pronounce the 'zhi', 'chi', and 'shi' sounds in Chinese. But due to his natural linguistic skills, Hongki spent only half an hour before he was done recording the song.

Last time when Lee Hong Ki visited Taiwan in March, his record company specially arranged for Lee Hong Ki to film the music video with the Taiwanese version of "Jolie" (Jolie is the name of his pet dog in the drama).  The full MV for "Holding Your Hand" will be broadcasted on Channel [V] at 9pm.

MV teaser

Here is the MV (It might not sound like Chinese but it is...the subs start appearing at 0:11)

Source: NOWnews, Appledaily TW / Video: warnertaiwan, smilejuhan

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