F.cuz performs on Taiwan’s Super Idol, battles with Korean contestant Seul-ki Kim

On the July 10th broadcast of Taiwan’s talent show competition Super Idol, one of South Korea’s hottest new boy band F.cuz acts made an appearance as a guest entertainer to compete against one of the show’s remaining six talented contestants. Labeled as the latest K-pop act with the greatest potential, F.cuz is continuing their promotions in Taiwan by appearing on one of Taiwan’s most watched talent show competitions.

This particular broadcast of Super Idol continues to test the skills of the last remaining six contestants, as each of the talent show survivors had to again randomly duel with established musicians and pop acts from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, as well as South Korea.  During the program, after three of the contestants battled it out with their established music industry counterparts, F.cuz was finally drawn by none other than Super Idol’s own Korean representative Seul-ki Kim to compete in a dream song battle matchup.

K-pop boy band F.cuz

For F.cuz’s performance, the group decided to match up their Chinese version of “Jiggy” that features the vocals from Taiwanese pop star Yao Yao against Seul-ki’s rendition of the song "Nothing Better” by K-pop group Brown Eyed Soul's Jung Yup, featuring a battle of contrasting styles with F.cuz’s up-tempo beats against Seul-ki’s soulful ballad. Both performances received high marks from the judges and praises from Super Idol’s famed judge Guo-lun Huang, whom complimented F.cuz for their skillful singing and dancing combo and Seul-ki for his touching performance. In the end, it was F.cuz who edged out Super Idol’s Korean representative by less than a point and earned them the title of victors for this particular song battle.

Super Idol's Korean contestant Seul-ki Kim

Following the broadcast of F.cuz’s appearance on Super Idol, rookie South Korean boy band faced the wrath of netizens with accusations of them lipsyncing their performance on the program that rewards contestants on their live singing abilities. Representatives from the program’s broadcasting company later released a statement that F.cuz did not lipsync and in fact had performed their song live. In response to the netizens’ accusations, currently highest-ranked Super Idol contestant Ah Ga lashed out to the netizens with profanity-laced comments such as “Go eat s***!” for them criticizing the hard work of the performers of the most recent broadcast. Ah Ga later apologized for his impulsive message, stating that it had resulted from venting his emotional feelings against the netizen’s accusations towards the rookie Korean boy band.

Part 1: Seul-ki Kim draws F.cuz

Part 2: F.cuz performing "Jiggy (Chinese version)"

Part 3: Seul-ki Kim performing Jung Yup's "Nothing Better"

Part 4: Judge Guo-lun's comments and Song Battle results

Source: NOWnews

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