Fashionista Da S unexpectedly lets Chanel fake be put on her

Despite the government's repeated calls and all-out crackdown on counterfeits, it is clear that the long arm of the law let one slip by. On the July 4th broadcast of FTV & GTV's "Summer Desire", actor Huang Xiao Ming's character Luo Xi intimately placed a blanket over Barbie Hsu' character. Viewers of the drama recently contacted GTV to express that they could not find the blanket with this Chanel logo, and inquired where they would be able to purchase it. After checking this out, it was discovered that the blanket bought by a crew member associated with the drama was a counterfeit bought in a night market.

Chanel is the most favorite brand name of high-class women, and is also a "prized possession" in the counterfeit market. Even though office ladies do not go out of their way to buy conterfeit high-class goods, numerous coats that sport the Chanel look can be found in the wardrobe closets of many office ladies. The day before, Chanel stated clearly that they are unwilling to promote this trend of counterfeits, and gave the low-key response, "We have never seen this product before."

"Summer's Desire" the story of show business as its backdrop, with Huang Luo Ming and Barbie Hsu playing the role of celebrities and with much of the clothes used from authentic brands. Moreover, Barbie is a fashionista in real life, so does she feel embarrased that she was caught putting on a counterfeit Chanel product? The day before, Barbie's manager expressed that at the time that the scene was shot, Barbie was not paying heed to the image on the blanket, and that the actress' responsiblity was in her performance. If the blanket was a counterfeit, then questions should be directed at the crew.

The crew of "Summer's Desire" also expressed the day before that when the crew member at the time went looking for props, they found that blanket at a night market. Furthermore, the crew member probably made the mistake due to lack of familiarity with designer brands, and that the person will be even more careful from now on.

In fact, "Summer's Desire" has itself been deeply impacted as a victim to piracy. The drama has yet been given the greenlight to be aired by broadcasting channels in mainland China's Zhejing and Jingxing provinces, yet the entire drama has already been broadcast in mainland China. Furthermore, the drama is already streaming online, prompting the drama's producer and other lead actor Peter Ho showing misery in his face and saying, "I'm now standing at a life or death situation. If you're willing to save me, then stop this. If you want to watch me die, then go ahead and buy pirated versions of 'Summer's Desire'".

Supportive audiences have bombarded the broadcasting station in Jingxing with messages of them being a "pirate channel", but Taiwanese broadcasting station GTV expressed that the broadcast of the drama by the station in Jingxing is legal, but that since they already finished broadcasting it, the internet has already been flooded with pirated copies of the drama. "Summer's Desire" follows the misfortune that beset earlier idol drama "Down with Love" in having the entire drama being pirated before it finished airing in Taiwan.

Source: UDN

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