Elva does charity work in Kenya

Elva Hsiao stripped herself from her stylish looks, into something more casual, a T-shirt, and jeans. She represented 30 sponsors for her one week trip to Kenya. She did wear any foundation, nor false eyelashes. But with the depths of her heart to "decorate" herself, she seems even more fashionable. 

First time flying economy

Her family was quite generous under 10 years of protection from the company, allowing her to fly economy to Africa, "the black piece of land". She told her assistant that, "This trip is very important in my life. You guys don't have to take care of me." Her group had to change flights three times before arriving at their destination, Moya Lei. Midway in their flight, they has to board a small plane with very strict luggage weight rules. According to records, luggage is suppose to be in a weight range before boarding the plane.

She spent 10,000 yuan to buy stationary, and toys for the local children. Her breakthrough was "not wearing false eyelashes". The guards at the airport asked her to not wear them and if she was not use to it. She laughingly replied, "No, actually when I don't have work, I look like this, but I give a swipe of mascara now and then."

Source: Apple Daily

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