Crowd Lu accused of plagiarizing folk singer’s image

Stars getting accused of plagiarizing is nothing new these days. Sometimes it's non-sense, other times the evidence makes it quite obvious, as in the case of Crowd Lu. The singer is best known for his somewhat comedic-looking face and even more wacky personality. However, a netizen recently compared his photo with that of 70’s folk singer Bao Mei Sheng (包美聖), and concluded his signature look might be “plagiarized” after all.

Netizen Chicham said, “Lu Xiong’s so-called special image appears to have been copied from a senior folk singer. Similar characteristics include: Messy hair, clumsy glasses, squinting eyes, big mouth… There are so many similarities, which lead one to suspect this image was in fact plagiarized.”

The hilarious commentary inspired a slew netizens to re-experience Bao Mei Shen through her classics such as “捉泥鰍 (Catching a Loach)”, “看我聽我 (Look at Me, Listen to Me)”, “那一盆火 (That Pool of Fire)” and more. Apparently, Bao Mei Shen has only been seen performing in folk concerts in recent years. She has chosen to keep a low profile and declined any offer to appear on variety shows. As for Crowd Lu, his record company explained, “When he was young, Crowd’s mom saw The Beatles and in turn gave him this image. There are no concerns of plagiarism.”

Crowd Lu will be holding a series of movie-concerts called "Morning Rock" in August. Fans will get to watch a documentary based on the production of his second album in a movie theater. Following the screening, Crowd Lu plans to perform four songs from his upcoming EP 四菓冰 (4 Fruit Ice) in person.  He said he'll improvise his performance depending on the audience’s reaction, “(I) also welcome questions from everyone, just treat it as a discussion forum, and (I) welcome song requests as well.” By the way, Crowd Lu would like to remind everyone that he does have his own taboos, “Like asking me to take my glasses off, or lift my bangs apart.”

Here is Crowd Lu's movie-concert promo:

Source: Chinatimes, ooskye's Chanenl

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