Channel [V]'s Top 20 Countdown (7/03/2010)

*WARNING* Video heavy as there are 11 newcomers this week!

That's right, this week over half of the MV's on the countdown are brand new additions. However, most of them are songs you may already be familiar with as they have been present on the KKBOX charts for quite a while. Notable favorites include Chang Yun Jing's "Broken", Richie Ren's "Love's Dodgeball", and Della Ding's remake of "I'm a Small Little Bird" which mostly comprises of concert footage. Random fact: Richie Ren also covered "I'm a Small Little Bird" several years ago. Speaking of birds, Weibird Wei released his MV for "Slowly Waiting", which was actually his debut hit off his first EP and the song that helped producers discover him and catapult him to fame, now remixed to its currently glory.
Amber Kuo gets another shower of good news as she tops the countdown again for her MV for "Without Question". She's been having a good week as she just won "Best Newcomer" at the 12th Annual Taipei Film Festival for her role in "Au Revoir, Taipei" (Which I need to watch and you do too)!

Silver goes to Jay Chou's uncharacteristically cute MV for "Long Time No See" and bronze to Peter Ho's visual compilation of Summer's Desire scenes for "Remember Loved".

(↑1) 1. Amber Kuo 郭釆潔 - Without Question 不過問 | MV

(NEW) 2. Jay Chou 周杰倫 - Long Time No See 好久不見 | MV

(NEW) 3. Peter Ho 何潤東- Remember Loved 我記得我愛過 | MV

(↑8) 4. Danson Tang 唐禹哲 ft. f(x)'s Amber - I'm Back| MV

(NEW) 5. Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文 - Don't Distub Love 不要驚動愛情| MV

(NEW) 6. Weibird Wei 韋禮安- Slowly Waiting 慢慢等| MV

(↓1) 7. Claire Kuo 郭靜 – Chitchat 聊天 | MV

(↓3) 8. Rene Liu 劉若英 - 直接 Directly | MV

(↓8) 9. Jay Chou 周杰倫 - Said Goodbye 說了再見 | MV

(↑4) 10. Nick Chou 周湯豪- Heartless Man 附心漢 | MV

(↓8) 11. Yen-j 嚴爵 - I Like (No, I Love) 我喜歡(不,我愛) | MV

(NEW) 12. Y2J 神木與瞳 - Guardian 守護者 | MV

(NEW) 13. Richie Ren 任賢齊- Love's Dodgeball 愛情躲避球 | MV

(NEW) 14. Chang Yun Jing 張芸京- Broken 壞了 | MV

(NEW) 15. Isabelle 黄龄- Special 特别 | MV

(↓7) 16. S.H.E. - Fell In Love With You 愛上你| MV

(NEW) 17. Lu Yao 陸瑤 - Regretful Beauty 遺憾的美麗 | MV

(NEW) 18. Della Ding 丁噹 - I Am A Small Little Bird 我是一隻小小鳥 | MV

(↓9) 19. F.Cuz ft. Yao Yao 郭書瑤 - JIGGY | MV

(NEW) 20. Fong Man 萬芳- I See Happiness Smiling At Me看見快樂對我笑 | MV

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