Bin Brothers show their support for Ady An’s new drama

Ady An was back in Taiwan to promote her drama Four Women Conflict (鎖清秋), which began airing in prime-time on CTV this week. Her TV son Xiao Xiao Bin and his brother Mini-Bin made a surprise appearance at the press conference as its special guests.

Ady Ann hadn''t seen the two boys since completing Autumn’s Concerto, but they didn't show any signs of forgetting her. The Bins gave her kisses and presented her with a flower bouquet, followed by doing a round of push ups and sit ups to show their “support”. With high hopes of being nominated at this year's Golden Bell Awards, Ady An said she hopes to walk down the red carpet with Van Ness Wu and Xiao Xiao Bin as the “Autumn’s Concerto” family.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, UDN

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