Behind the Album: The Opposite Me - Chang Yun Jing

On stage, Chang Yun Jing always brings energy, laughter, confidence, and a natural attitude. However, her work and script, since the beginning, always had a restless, depressive feeling, so intensifying that it is hard for anyone to ignore. We are easily caught and dropped in. This side of Jing is exceptionally fascinating, but is also hard to understand by others.

Some say that the more intense the lighting is, the deeper the shadow in the back is. Jing is precisely the embodiment of this. In actuality, is she just like us; Every day and night, she must battle with the her own expectations and her heart's desires. There is hesitation, and there is persistence. There is doubt, but also confidence. She chooses destruction, but also reconciliation. Stubbornly surviving or easily dissipating. She continues to love recklessly on the path to finding herself. In order to find herself, she is continuously walking. And en route, she met her opposite self.

Her opposite self was not born due to rebellion. It is an innate side of us that none of us have discovered, simply a side that we have never confronted. However, Jing has discovered it and did not choose to hide because it is part of the key to complete oneself. Just as Jing herself said: Everyone in the world only shows one side of himself/herself to others, whether it is the good or the bad side, it is slowly maturing; Symbiosis and coexistence is how Jing keeps the balance between her-selves.

Some have asked what the difference between her newest album and her first album is. Without hesitation, she answered, "I believe that this is the real me!" Jing who has always loved rock 'n roll and is always brimming with individuality whenever she moves said, "This is an album of ideas. I participated in most of the production process. Everyone who I collaborated with during the production all believe in me. Thus, it is even closer to what I want to make and what I want to say. It advanced completely with music as the starting point. I feel like I have been reborn!"

And precisely because this album has faithfully emerged along with Yun Jing's true self, it is not hard to seek out Yun Jing's "opposite theory" through the ten songs on her album, The Opposite Me. If you look closely, you will find that the names of the ten songs are all homologous with each other: Gone Bad / Fixed, Love's Options / You are the Only One, The Opposite Me / Correct or Not, Only Love You / I No Longer Love You, No More Contact/ Text Message (rough translations). In regards to the titles being filled with contradictions, Yun Jing said, with a laugh, "That's why I said that this was the real me!" She said that, in actuality, she was just like the average person. She eats, drinks, and sleeps. Thus, it's only nature that there will be times when she is in conflict with herself. She is often confronted with problems such as: does she want it or not, should she do it or not, should she let go or not. This is especially true when facing her emotions.

For this second album, Jing has released three versions for fans to select from. There's the Good, the Bad, and the Normal versions which differ only by their covers. There's also the preorder Good version which includes a poster of Jing as Robin Hood.

Album tracklist (w/ rough translations)
01. 壞了 (Gone Bad)
02. 相反的我 (The Opposite Me)
03. 愛情選項 (Love's Options)
04. 你是唯一 (You are the Only One)
05. 不再聯絡 (No More Contact)
06. 我不愛你了 (I No Longer Love You)
07. 只愛你 (Only Love You)
08. 正不正 (Correct or Not)
09. 簡訊 (Text Message)
10. 好了 (Fixed)

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