Behind the Album: Lucky Goddess EP - Tofu Girl

The song "幸運女神 Lucky Goddess" can be said to have been made specially for Tofu Girl, Cai Huang Ru because both the melody and the lyrics are extremely close-fitting, her record company decide to release the song for Tofu Girl as her debut song, before putting out her official album. It is a recording of Tofu Girl's first time in a recording studio and is the representative single for Tofu Girl's debut. For the recording, nothing was used to enhance or alter the song in order to retain Tofu Girl's pure singing voice, allowing fans to first hear her naturally bright sound.
Because Tofu Girl would check on the quality of her singing during every break interval during recording, her improvement made even the professional producers exclaim in surprise. This gave the record company more confidence in Tofu Girl's future development on the singing stage, thus they decided to give this idol singer a chance to hold her first singing performance. Without any alterations, she appeared displaying her true ability that she has been making progress on. This pure voice agrees even more to Tofu Girl's next-door neighbor image. It also allows her fans to accompany her with "Lucky Goddess", witnessing the growth of Tofu Girl's singing skills.

The single, "Lucky Goddess," is a light and quick, sweet love song telling of the feelings between a guy and girl. Whether it is the melody or lyrics, it is a easy to listen and sing song. There is also another layer underneath the sweet love song. It can, in fact, be seen as a portrayal of how Cai Huang Ru grew after receiving the nickname Tofu Girl and became extremely popular in a short period of time.

Through this "Lucky Goddess" song, Tofu Girl wants to to sing out her "love and emotions." She wants to sing out the fortune she has received to give love and thanks to everyone who has supported her since the beginning.

The EP can currently be ordered on YesAsia. It comes with a special photo calendar, and you can even purchase a Tofu Girl Lucky Goddess Music Doll along with it.

EP Tracklist

01. 豆花妹序語 (Tofu Girl Preface)
02. 幸運女神 (Lucky Goddess)
03. 小秘技 (Little Tricks)
04. 隱藏蜜語 (Hidden Sweet Words)

Have a listen to Lucky Goddess:

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