Behind The Album: Fu Good - Della Ding

This "Fu Good, Next Stop Empress" (Fu Good下一站天后) New + Best Selection Album includes Della Ding's only new dance song for the first half of 2010, "Fu Good" Besides this emotionally song being extremely good, Della's dance songs always advance in great strides. Collaborating with an international choreography master, she brings her fans a sight to behold.

For her song, "Night Cat," she collaborated with Beyonce's dance teacher. This time, Della specially flew to Japan to painstakingly learn skills from Amuro Namie's choreography teacher and concert dance leader, Mittan. Performing with such power will give the audience a carefree international feeling with the dance creating a more gorgeous stage.

"Have confidence in your confidence! Be the only one to your only one!" The lyrics to Fu Good were written by Golden Melody Award Best Lyricist, Francis Lee. About a girl who stands onto the stage chasing her dream and climbs the ladder to the heavens with courage, this dance song speaks very closely to Della's own feelings. For the music part, she even sought out A-Mei and Golden Melody Awards' Best Producer, Adizai, to compose a reggae style dance song.

Amongst the rhythmic feeling, the gracefully waving limbs dripping with sweat, Della uses great effort to explain the confidence she had while walking down this road, without looking back.

Fu Good was released on July 9th, but you can get the preorder version on YesAsia that comes with 2 CDs and a DVD.

Fu Good CDs Tracklist:
CD 1
01. 我是一隻小小鳥 (I'm a Small, Small Bird)
02. 飛機場的10:30 (Airport 10:30)
03. Kiss Goodbye
04. 分手吧 (Let's Breakup)
05. 洋蔥 (Onion)
06. 漂洋過海來看你 (Drifting Over Oceans to See You)
07. 不只是朋友 (Not Just Friends)
08. Crazy In Love
09. 大海 (Big Ocean)
10. I Always Love You

CD 2
01. Fu Good
02. 猜不透 (Unable to Guess)
03. 我愛他 (I Love Him)
04. 你為什麼說謊 (Why Did You Lie)
05. 可以不可以 (Ok Not Ok)
06. 我不怕 (I'm Not Afraid)
07. 離家出走 (Leave Home)
08. 明白 (Understand)
09. 花火 (Fireworks)
10. 我愛上的 (I Feel in Love With)

Della performing Fu Good Live

Sources: UDN, YesAsia, Kalvin03@youtube

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