Behind the Album: D.C.W. - Dong Cheng Wei

Rock and roll lovers, Shu (陳德修) and FreeDun (鄧樺敦) formed a band together with their classmates in their first year of high school. During their second year, they took part in Fu Hsin Trade & Arts School's celebration concert. Their debut stage was infont of more than 3000 students, yet they were hardly afraid at all and, instead, took the stage in style. Receiving wide acclaim, Shu and FreeDun  began to stand out for their talent. Because of the performance, Jiro Wang, from another class, who had always wanted to be in a band, took notice of them. In their third year, Jiro was put into the same class as Shu and FreeDun, and took the initiative to propose forming a band called Karma (火紋樂團) together. Afterward, Shu also found a guitarist, Iyhon, completing the first version of "Dong Cheng Wei" (東城衛) and launching their first step to a professional rock band career.

During the two years between their third year of high school and graduation, despite being unable to find a suitable drummer, they continued performing in various music shows and actively participated in campus performance. Afterward, Jiro was signed by a record company to join Fahrenheit and Shu became a professional performer, starting his individual career. Thus, they decided to temporarily halt their band activities.

It wasn't until the end of 2005, when Shu invited drummer Ming (李明翰), who he had collaborated with many years before, did the band start once again. At the same time, they also participated in KO One, opening up another path down the entertainment road, heading towards becoming all-around artistes. In the series, the group members acted as Jiro's support team, Dong Cheng Wei. In order to increase his power, Jiro had to rely on Dong Cheng Wei's music. As a result, they decided to change their official band name to Dong Cheng Wei.

In 2006, due to not being able to conform to their concept, guitarist Iyhon decided to leave the group while the others continued to persist, not willing to abandon the band. In that same year, Shu's old brother, guitarist Vike (陳志介), formally joined the band and completed the group.

In 2007, they, once again, acted alongside Jiro in The X-Family and released a song for the first time as an insert song for the series: 夠愛 (Enough Love). A-Chord (謝和弦), who also acted in the series, was the lead singer for the song. They also did most of the music accompaniment to the series.

In 2009, Dong Cheng Wei continued to participate in the third installment of the series, K.O.3an Guo. They also put out 以戰止戰 (Stop War with War), 天使的距離 (The Distance of Angels), and other music works. Along with another actress in the series, Pets Ceng (曾沛慈), as the lead singer, Dong Cheng Wei recorded another version of Enough Love and 淚了 (roughly translates to: Crying), the theme song for K.O.3an Guo.

In 2010, Dong Cheng Wei held a performance (曾愛耀武揚衛同樂會) with other singers, formally ascending the live stage. In March, they held a White Day concert along with Pets Ceng in Shanghai. In May, they held Dong Cheng Wei's very first small scale concert, D.C.W. live in house. In June, they formally joined Warner Music and formally released their mini album of the same name, D.C.W.

D.C.W Album Tracklist (w/ rough trans):

01. 分裂 (Split)
02. 以戰止戰 (Using War to Stop War)
03. 在你離開那一天 (On the Day You Left)
04. 天使的距離 (The Distance of Angels)
05. 浮世樂 (Ukiyo Music)
06. 夠愛 (Enough Love)

You can currently purchase the album on YesAsia.

Enough Love:

Sources: UDN, YesAsia, 2ae16@youtube

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