Behind the Album: Battling Bach - Nan Quan Mama

The beloved Taiwanese band, Nan Quan Mama, will be bringing forth their newest album "Battling Bach" on July 15th. As the release date approaches, let's take a look at the scene behind this new album, brought to you by a new Nan Quan Mama.

Since their debut, Nan Quan Mama has held various styles and versions. The first generation of Nan Quan was composed of 4 males, with a "band sound" music styles. For the second generation, a female joined the group changing Nan Quan into a youthful sunshine, idol group. The third, and newest, generation is now comprised of Devon (宋健彰) aka Dantou(彈頭) and Yuri aka Yuhao (詹宇豪), who have lasted through all manifestations of the group. Now that four has become two, this duo is bringing their own individual personalities into the mix -- one calm, other about action. Together they will complement each other and bring listeners a distinct style.

Since 2004, Devon and Yuri have already reaped abundant rewards on their musical journey. After many rearrangements, the current Nan Quan Mama has become, simply, the two of them pursuing the musical road together as a duo. Of the two, Devon is enthusiastic and outgoing while Yuri is calm and shrouded by secrecy. Despite these two extremely different personalities, the two close friends cannot part from each other during music production. What brings the two together is their common love for music.

The calm Yuri is in charge of the album production, going over every detail with care. He has kept this Nan Quan Mama album under tight wraps; During production, no one was able to even catch a glimpse of the either picture. Even his partner, Devon went into the recordings alone. This gave the planning and publicity teams much headaches as they didn't even know what the songs were like. They had no clue where to even start, with Yuri always replying: I haven't completely finished it. There is no way I can give it to you to listen.

Meanwhile, besides being in charge of the album lyrics, the enthusiastic Devon also shoulders the diplomatic tasks. He takes care of the contact between their record company and other workers and proposes many fun concepts and ideas.

You can pre-order the album on YesAsia now.

Album Tracklist (w/ rough translations)

01. 決鬥巴哈 (Battling Bach) MV
02. 宅男的夏天 (A Nerd's Summer) Listen
03. 愛你‧離開你 (Love You, Leave you) Listen
04. 再陪我看一次 (Watch It One More Time With Me) Listen
05. 趕快認錯 (Immediately Admit Mistake) Listen
06. 河流‧午後‧我經過 (River, Afternoon, I Passed By) Listen
07. 風雪梧桐 (Windy Snowy Paulownia) Listen
08. I Am So Crazy Listen
09. 可苦可樂 (Can Have Hardships, Can Have Happiness)* Listen
10. 熊貓人 (Pandaman) Listen
*It's most likely a play on Coca Cola's Chinese name 可口可樂

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