Barbie Hsu shows off some skin in her new movie

Strange but true, Barbie Hsu plays a "perverted killer" in her upcoming movie Reign of Assassins (劍雨), which is set for release this fall. New stills from the John Woo movie show a scantily clad Da S waiting for her prey. Her character is said to be a killer with quick moves and has a pungent personality. In one particular scene, she says, “What’s good with being a man, it’s better to be a woman, because toying with men is more fun.” Reign of Assassins features 12 A-list stars from across Asia including Jung Woo Sung, Michelle Yeoh and Wang Xue Qi. It is expected to hit theaters this September.

Michelle Yeoh and Jung Woo Sung:

Source: Nownews, Sina,

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