Barbie appears at Peter's signing event and compliments his "big eagle"

Yesterday, Peter Ho held an autographing event for his latest album, "Remember Loved," attracting over a hundred fans. Not only his family came to show their support, even Barbie Hsu made an appearance. Being touched by all the affection from his friends and family, he couldn’t help but shed some manly tears.

It’s been three years since Peter has held such an event. Thus, his older sister specially flew back from Canada in secret to surprise Peter. The brother-sister pair sang a duet together on stage, and Peter commented, “She must be a ninja! She stayed home for a night and I didn’t even notice.”

Barbie Hsu, the female lead of Summer’s Desire, made a special appearance and gave Peter a special bottle of “big eagle” wine (to make sure it stays strong and healthy), pushing the fans’ spirits to the climax. Peter was given this nickname by Dee Hsu when he went on her variety show – complimenting Peter’s healthy body during the swimming pool scenes where he appeared only in swim briefs. Now every time Peter goes to the washroom, he would be “observed” by others. Barbie continued the hot topic at yesterday’s event, “My niece wants to invite you to swim at our home’s swimming pool later. (She) says she wants to see ‘big eagle’.” The fans roared in laughter while Peter could only stand in humiliation.

Peter visited Dee Hsu's daughter after wards, fulfilling Barbie's promise to her niece.

Source: Liberty Times, UDN

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