[UPDATED] Angelababy to join the Black & White movie project

The NT$120 million big budget movie, Black & White, plans to start filming at the end of this month, and yet it is still in the process of casting. Several days ago, Prajna Works (B & W’s production company) posted on their company website that they are looking for an actress to play a young student of a physics Ph.D program. Traits of the character included being gentle and fragile-like, while having a determined personality. Physical characteristics included being long and thin with great reflexes, being able to take down enemies.

Mark Chao, who is going to be the male lead of the movie, has been working out hard for the role. Other than Mark, there were previous rumors indicating that Huang Xiao Ming was being considered as a second male lead, but it has been confirmed that he will not be in it.

Yesterday, neighbors spotted the Hong Kong model Angelababy going to the Song Shan Sports Center with Mark Chao. The glass windows were covered with colored stickers to avoid others from peeking in. At 6pm in the evening, the media arrived and witnessed Mark Chao leaving the gym, but Angelababy had already left through the back door. Mark immediately got into his car and left without giving any interviews.

Later, Angelababy revealed that she was indeed in Taipei and posted the photo of her at the gym on her micro-blog and wrote, “After a few days of training, I’m starting to walk like a robot. But I won’t have any vacations for a long time to come.” Based on what she wrote and the criteria posted for the character on Prajna Works' site, Angelababy seems like a fit.
The photo Angelababy posted on her micro-blog.

Is Angelababy really going to be taking part in the Black & White movie? Angelababy’s manager Kim responded, “We have been in contact, but everything is still in discussion. Nothing is decided yet.” As for why Angelababy was at the gym with Mark Chao, Manager Kim explained, “(She was) only there to work out.” Prajna Works’ commented, “We have made contact with them, but we have not made a final decision yet.”

[UPDATED] It is now confirmed that Angelababy is going to be in the movie.  Producer Yu Xiao-Hui revealed that Director Cai Yue-Xun only met Angelababy once and decided to cast her, "because she completely fits the role as described in the script."  Producer Yu expressed that because she has been too focused on preparing this movie, she was not aware that Angelababy is Huang Xiao Ming's currently rumored girlfriend.

The movie is set to start filming in August and producer Yu indicated that the movie will mainly be filmed at Kaohsiung, but will also take place at a wide variety of places.

Source: Appledaily TW, UDN

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