Ah Ken and Na Dou's new commercial deemed too scary for TV

As if they aren’t on TV enough already, Ah Ken and Na Dou are back with the latest commercial for  Janfusun Fancyworld in Taiwan. The dynamic duo was featured in a hugely popular TV spot back in February, in which they explained the benefits of visiting the theme park from a medical point of view. The two returned with a new campaign to promote the newly added Haunted House just in time for visitors who are looking for a good scare!

Unfortunately, the new commercial has been slapped with a warning by the National Communication Commission (NCC) for being too scary for prime-time. The thought Ah Ken and Na Dou in a haunted house doesn’t really conjure up any scary images, but flying spirits and skeletons might be discomforting for children (and adults with a faint of heart.) In response, NCC has asked networks to refrain from airing the ad between 4 to 9 pm, or else they might be fined for up to 1 million NTD.

Here is the commercial from selera0815's Channel (the scariest thing about this clip is actually Ah Ken and Na Dou’s make up):

Source: Nownews, selera0815's Channel

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