Aaron Yan disappointed over deleted intimate scenes with Patty Hou

Soon-to-be-married Patty Hou made a guest appearance recently on Love Buffet starring Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen.  She plays Aaron Yan's first love in the drama, and interestingly, he was actually the one who recommended Patty Hou for the role, because he has been a fan of her since his university days. 

The original script called for some intimate scenes between Patty Hou and Aaron. Much to his dismay, they were all removed from the script prior to filming, which led to some rumors that it was done out of concern over her fiance's feelings. She denied such claim and said if it is something she can accept, then her family will be able to accept the same.

Patty Hou said kissing is the furthest she can go in terms of filming an intimidate scene, “The fun in acting is to able to experience a completely different life. (My) boyfriend doesn’t have any restrictions over filming kissing scenes, it’s fine as long as it’s for work. Moreover, he’s not very clear on what I do anyways.”

She also received some advice from Vic Chou whom she worked with in Sweet Relationship. The first-time actress was nervous about their kissing scene back then, but he re-assured her that tongue action is not necessary no matter what. Love Buffet’s producer explained the scenes were deleted in order to comply with the original manga. Aaron Yan and Patty Hou's relationship will remain “more than friends, not yet lovers” in the drama.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, UDN

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