WeiBird's autograph trip around Taiwan

Using the last weekend free from filming his movie What Kind of Bird Day, WeiBird signed autographs for 6 hours in Kaohsiung, Tainan and Taichung. With the final exams approaching, WeiBird crazily studied in the car, but after only 30 minutes he felt dizzy and sick.

When he returned to his hometown Taichung in his signing tour, hoards of fans were waiting for him; the queue stretched from the second floor down to the ground floor, spilling onto the road, which caused a heavy traffic jam on Taichung Sanmin St that night. Seeing all the fans wanting his autograph at this grand occasion, WeiBird happily said, "This is the best part of home - everyone is so warm, and there's so many people."

On his signing tour around North, South and Central Taiwan, the best memories were the snacks; at Tainan, many mother's of the fans brought him food, including dozens of cups of Anping Tofu, as well as Tainan's famous Lou Mei (dishes simmered in soy-based sauces) and steamed dumplings which filled the whole car, giving WeiBird a rewarding experience.

Source: UDN

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