Usher invites Will Pan, Han Geng, Jay Chou, David Tao to upcoming concert

On July 11th, American R&B star Usher will hold a concert in Beijing for the first time in Wukesong Arena. While the concert date is quickly approaching, the official guest performers for his concert had not been finalized as of yet. Usher did provide a list of invited esteemed guests requested by him as possible acts, including some of East Asia’s premiere singers such as Will Pan, Jay Chou, Han Geng, and David Tao.

One of the factors that motivated Usher in holding a concert in Beijing was to hold a cultural exchange and friendly communications with his Mandopop star counterparts, as well as having the opportunity to collaborate and dance alongside them on stage. In terms of dancing, Usher was specifically interested with Will Pan, whom has released strings of hit songs that highlight his dance moves; and Han Geng, whom achieved acclaim for his dancing due to his training from his Super Junior days.

Will already has established ties with the United States due to being born and partly growing up there, as well as having made frequent trips back to record and produce his previous albums there. The Taiwanese-American singer had earlier planned to attend Usher’s concert regardless in order to support his idol. On the other hand, Han Geng’s invite is the latest in a string of positive news for the ex-Super Junior, whose popularity had not only been unaffected following his departure from one of South Korea’s most famous boy bands, but has actually been rising rapidly.

Concert organizers are currently scrambling with booking the invited artists in the hopes of scheduling them as acts in Usher’s first ever Beijing concert. The American R&B star also hopes to gather some feedback from Chinese fans on their views through online polling in order to determine which artist would be a compatible match for his performance style. In the mean time, as the finalized list of guest performers are in the works, netizens are expected to have a war of words as to who should be some of the acts in Usher’s concert.

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