Unable to resist "good luck", ZE:A to hit Taiwan shores by August

It has already been over a hundred days since the nine-member boy band ZE:A (a.k.a. Children of Empire) debuted in South Korea, and the group's charisma has already swept all of Asia. The group will start their first round of their Asian tour this month, and will reach the shores of Taiwan in August two months later.

Before debuting, the rookie boy band held 50 urban "surprise concerts" that were street performances without any prior notice, which prompted fans to call them "street idols". When the group chatted about their debut song "Mazeltov", they laughed and said that because of singing this song (whose Hebrew title translates to "good luck"), their luck has changed for the better.

It turns out that accidents continued to plague ZE:A since before their debut, as their microphones malfunctioned during their street performances, and there was an incident of falling bricks from the ceiling during the MV filming for their debut song. Even when they performed on TV, their microphones and the lighting would fail on them. But ever since they started to promote "Mazeltov", their luck changed for the better just like the song title, as their development became a success in both Taiwan and Japan.

Furthermore, ZE:A's Chinese language website held a poll for fans to vote on their favorite that broke the 200,000 mark, where youngest member Dongjun won an overwhelming 130,000 votes to be selected as the group's "Popularity King". In order to thank the Taiwanese fans, Dongjun sent an autographed wooden table to commemorate the event.

ZE:A launched their mini-album titled "Leap for Detonation" earlier this week.

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Source: UDN

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