Summer’s Desire moves up to #2 in the ratings

SETTV's P.S. Man is still on top in the ratings with 4.66% this past Sunday, but the positions have shifted for those trying to catch up. FTV’s Summer’s Desire started out in third last week and improved to 2nd with 1.04%. Over on CTV, it looks like Viter Fan has underestimated his power of turning viewers away; his drama Scent of Love dropped from 2nd to 4th with 0.70%. Meanwhile, Mike He finally has something to celebrate about, because Calling For Love is out of the bottom with 0.81% in 3rd place.

Last Sunday’s episode of Summer’s Desire was highlighted by the abduction of Barbie Hsu while she was on her way to an audition. Her character cut herself in the scene but it was in fact her rescuer Peter Ho that got injured during filming. He was hit in the head twice when battling her abductors, which resulted in two wounds that were the size of a NT$10 coin.  However, the actor/producer refused to halt filming and even asked the crew to record it as part of the behind scenes footage.

The rest of the episode featured plenty of flashbacks, including more cringe-inducing scenes that involved the leads in high school uniforms. The back story moved further beyond the teenage years with child actress Peggy Fu(傅佩慈) as the younger Barbie Hsu. She showed her solid acting chops again after coming off hit dramas like Autumn’s Concerto and Night Market Life. The other lead actor and mainland superstar Huang Xiao-Ming didn’t appear much in episode 2, but his one-liner at the end should make next week’s an interesting one.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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