Selina to be wed next year?

During S.H.E’s concert on the 29th of last month, Selina openly accepted boyfriend and lawyer Zhang Cheng Zhong’s declaration of love, revealing their love relationship - the two have been secretly dating for three years. Yesterday, Selina’s father’s mouth slipped and revealed that the big day is set to be next year and that his daughter is currently looking for a new place, “I hope that the engagement and marriage can be done at the same time. As for the date, we will respect the groom’s decision.” Selina’s record label HIM wishes the couple well and assures that S.H.E will not break up.

Selina (left) and boyfriend Zhang Cheng Zhong (right).

Ah Zhong (Zhang Cheng Zhong) and Selina first met during S.H.E’s 2006 concert, where he was invited to attend as his mom has been good friends with Selina’s mom. Last month, he bravely declared his love and he later said, “It must be fate,” because that night, he was sitting very close to where he had sat three years ago at the 2006 S.H.E concert.

In regards to the wedding date being exposed, Selina shyly replied, “We’ll just let things take its course. (I’m) just enjoying the sweetness of being in love right now.” She then expressed that the biggest matchmakers are her mom and Ah Zhong’s mom, as well as her group mates Hebe and Ella. When asked if she would worry about affecting S.H.E’s popularity due to marriage, Selina confidently answered, “We want to become a girl group with sex appeal as well as being free and natural at the same time.” Hebe sent her blessings, “(I’m) very happy and excited. My wife (Selina’s nickname) is cool and brave.”

Hebe and Ella accompanies Selina as boyfriend Ah Zhong declares his love.

During a show recording yesterday, Selina’s father expressed that he will miss his daughter very much once she gets married. He hopes that his daughter can be like Matilda Tao, where she is able to take care of her family and have success in work as well. In actual fact, over the past six years, S.H.E has made NT$1.5 billion, where on average, each member has made over NT$500 million.

When mentioning about the soon to be son in-law Ah Zhong, Selina’s father complimented, “He has a lot of experience in society and is very mature.” As for whether Ah Zhong formally proposed marriage to Selina after declaring his love during the concert, Selina’s father said, “He did give her a present, but I’m not sure about the details.”

Source: Appledaily

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