Ricky Hsiao will miss this year’s Golden Melody Awards

The 5-time nominee and winner of Best Taiwanese Male Singer in 2008 won’t be attending the Golden Melody Awards Ceremony on June 26th. Ricky Hsiao (蕭煌奇) is nominated for Producer of the Year and again, Best Taiwanese Male Singer this year. He is scheduled to perform at Tiger Huang’s concert in Malaysia, which means she also won’t be at the GMA if she wins Best Female Singer. Ricky Hsiao said, “In case if I win, (I’ll) let Roger Yang楊培安 experience how it feels to hold the award.”

Ricky Hsiao returned to the set of One Million Singer (百萬大歌星) for a taping earlier this week. He’s been on the show several times as the special guest before but never a contestant. He competed for the the first time with the help of Terry Lin (林志炫). Ricky Hsiao frankly said his blindness does serve as a disadvantage, “I have listened to many songs, but I can’t learn the lyrics by watching TV like everyone else.” The experienced duo managed to complete 7 stages and won NT$30,000 in the end.

Otaku Goddess Amber An was also a contestant at the same recording. She has been quite open about her wish to become a singer, to which her manager responded saying she can only release an album if she has completed 500 school shows (mini-concerts). Host Harlem Yu didn’t refrain from mocking her, “Then it’ll be 10 years before you’ll have an album.”

Source: Chinatimes

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