P.S. Man remains on top of the idol drama ratings

Another week went by as P. S. Man continued his reign over the idol dramas ratings. It beat the competition easily by drawing an average of 4.74% this past Sunday. Summer’s Desire held onto 2nd place and improved its ratings to 1.44%. Although it seemed like there was hope for Calling For Love last week, the drama dropped back to last place again. Its 0.58% rating was lowest since the series debuted in May. Scent of Love climbed its way back to 3rd with 0.83%.
"Watch me on TV, not On-Line....."

Interestingly, Mike He recently asked his fans to support Calling For Love by watching it on TV rather than streaming it off the Internet. The drama is one of the most watched videos on PPStream but ratings remained low in Taiwan. Maybe it’s a sign that he is much more popular with foreign fans who can’t watch his drama on CTS, rather than local viewers who can.

As for the 2nd place Summer’s Desire, Huang Xiao Ming became the latest target of criticism after Barbie Hsu’s eyebrows. The actor was apparently being bashed by netizens for his exaggerated acting. Some viewers criticized his “charming yet evil gaze" for being "fake and disgusting", while others have compared him to the original king of over-the-top acting, Steve Ma (馬景濤).

Producer Peter Ho defended his star through his manager, “The character of Luo Xi in the original novel is someone who possesses a sense of femininity. He has done a very good job with his portrayal.” The boss might have a point here, because who else can play this character with such charisma and intensity, along with a touch of sleaziness at the same time.

And here's Huang Xiao Ming writing his own sequel on his micro blog:
“The continuation of Summer’s Desire… Luo Xi and Xia Mo met again at the 2010 Shanghai Film Festival. Luo Xi has yet to stop his longing for Xiao Mo; he’s not in the mood to fix his appearance, looking very exhausted…But to be honest, I’m more like Ou Chen in real life, a typical Scorpio, overbearing but gentle! And treat my woman like a princess! “

Source: Chinatimes, UDN, t.sina.com.cn/huangxiaoming

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