Pirated copies of Summer’s Desire available for pre-order in the mainland

Great news again!!  Fully-subbed episode 2 of Summer's Desire is now available on Sublimes:

And now onto the not-so-great news...

Peter Ho’s worst nightmare might be on the verge of coming true. The actor/producer reportedly poured 60 million (NTD) into making Summer’s Desire. Not only it was over budget by 3 million, he also had to part with his “wife” in the process. Unfortunately, pirated copies of the drama is now rumored to be available for sale on some mainland websites.

Peter Ho was persuaded by the director to lend his beloved “wife” of 5 years, a Porsche 911 Targa, to the Summer’s Desire production. Due to the many chase scenes and sudden stops, its tires had to be replaced after just one day of filming. The 6-million car was eventually sold for 2 million, because “equipment was mounted onto the car for filming, so scratches were unavoidable. I’m a very picky Virgo, so it had to be sold off because I just couldn't bear to see them.” And his spending didn’t end there. In one particular scene, Peter Ho thought a desk didn't look classy enough so he paid $100,000 to purchase new furniture, “That table is now sitting at my home.”

According to reports, pirated DVDs of Summer’s Desire are already available for pre-order on a well-known mainland auction website, ranging in prices from $8 to 208 (RMB, approx. NT$40 to 1000). Peter Ho said they have requested their mainland investor to look into this matter. In fear of Summer’s Desire becoming the next Down With Love, GTV’s representative said they have notified all parties and will sue if any pirated copies go on sale.

Source: Appledaily, SublimesFansubs's Channel

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